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The injection machines is a rather fast machine that allows for productions of very precise objects. Moulds can be slightly harder to make but once you have a good mould you will be amazed by the products you can make. The injection machine can usually make smaller objects depending on the barrel’s volume but operates at faster speed and with high precision. The output colour is often unpredictable when mixing colours in the barrel allowing for surprising patterns that can add to the beauty of your products.
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Pro tip: For easy release make the nozzle and mould's entry of the same diameter.

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Flow Skate WHITE Shoe PINK Supra Run LT Download kit
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Video Chapters
Skate WHITE Supra LT PINK Run Shoe Flow 06:55
WHITE PINK LT Skate Run Shoe Flow Supra How it works
Machine Specs
~ 7 days
~ 15 kg
~ 150€
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Technical drawings

You can find all the technical drawings to build this machine in our DC Heathrow Mesh Mens Navy Trainers Shoes White ZZwpHqF. They are divided into different steps and contain all the dimensions you need to build the machine.

3D overview

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Below you can find a 3D visual of the machine, just to give you a basic understanding how it works, click the button to turn it around. Detailed CAD drawings can be found in the download-kit.


The injection moulding machine is well suited for making small, detailed objects. Put some effort into your mould once and start making products in series. 

Built by the community

We are always amazed to see what our community can come up with. Below is a small selection of injection machines built by people in our community following Precious Plastic drawings. Truly incredible!
LT Flow Supra Skate PINK WHITE Shoe Run

Have you finished building yours?
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