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Advice: If you print this page, it's always at hand and you can read it if somewhat is unclear.

Sign-in with OpenIDWhite Leather West Sandal Heeled Nine Leather Orrus Women's wxtpqYYv

Goal: This tutorial shows you how to sign-in on BibSonomy by using an exsisting OpenID account.

Requirements: For this tutorial, you need an OpenID account. To create such an account follow Onitsuka Fiery Tiger 81® ASICS Ultimate Red Black 0xZPZqdU.

Alternativ: If you don't have an OpenID account, then we recommend you to create your own BibSonomy-Account


  1. Click the login screen on "sign-in" - see:
  2. Click on the tab "OpenID" - see:
  3. Choose under Red Rain Boots Muck Oakiwear Boots Boots Snow Neoprene Rain Children's "Log with" your OpenID Provider (click on this)
  4. BibSonomy will forward you to your OpenID provider. Please follow the instructions on the screen (these steps varies depending on provider)
    Advice:Sport Trainers Optical Coq White Blanc Shadow Louise White White Shadow Women’s Blue Blue Le Sportif Optical RngFqwI Your OpenID provider will ask you if you wont grand access to your data - you must confirm this question.

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